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Helping 15 - 30 Year Olds Control Technology Addictions

At Atmana, we help millennials cut down on technology addictions like gaming, pornography and social media.

We charge users $90 per year for our solution consisting of blocking and techniques used in treating in alcohol and drug addiction like peer support groups, buddy program and psycho education.






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The only tool a person needs to quit porn for good. This app helps users fight compulsive porn usage and transform their lives.

This app helps users reduce their social media consumption and reconnect with reality. The app combines screentime tracking with gamification. 

Helping people break free from procrastination and distractions, boosting productivity and maintaining focus. 

Kreemana - Productivity Tool

Kreemana is a productivity tool that helps you stay focused by blocking websites based on scheduled time slots set by you. It allows you to build blocklists of websites in three categories: work, distractive and others. These blocklists are meant to help you increase your productivity and efficiency.


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